Why I Don't Use Negs

I was reading one of the few blogs that I bother to make a round at, and I saw an interesting post about negs. Not to say that they don't work, but I think it's time to explain why I don't use them.

If you aren't familiar with me, then know that I've approached hundreds, if not thousands of mature women, while trying out the many different approaches and techniques that are available in the dating community. And one of those techniques that I've used on several occasions, is negging. And the conclusion that I came to about negging, is that it is like playing Russian roulette. It may work a couple of times, but soon enough, it's going to backfire in your face. And we all know that when it comes to meeting new mature women, all it takes is one wrong comment, and you're done.

As I've stated when I commented on the article, negging is really only useful and SAFE when you have a little background on the girl and have an idea of how she is going to react to your negging. You really can't predict how a woman is going to react until you have a feel for her and how she will take such comments. The safe thing to do when meeting a woman that is a complete stranger, is to just not neg at all.
Then what do I use to show my value or worth relative to hers, you must be asking. I simply keep mature women in check by not letting them walk all over me. I wrote a post about this earlier. As long as you keep mature women in check, don't supplicate to them, and don't let them walk all over you, you are fine. If she insults you or tries to walk all over you, then she knows she is deserving of whatever harsh comment or maneuver you deliver her way. However, if you just start negging mature women for no reason, then they are going to see you as a dick that is just being rude for no apparent reason and walk away.

For instance, I was at a strip club for a friend's bachelor party, and one of the strippers and I were on a collision course. I was slightly ahead of her, so I had the right away. Did I be a supplicating pussy and stop so she could go first? No. I was ahead of her, so I cut right in front of her. What did she do? She walked me down, put her arm in front of me, smiled, and tried to talk to me. The wrong way to go about this, is if her trajectory was ahead of mine, and I purposely sped up just to cut her off. In that situation, I would have came off as a try-hard dick, and probably would have pissed her off.

In another example, a chick grabbed my hat, so I grabbed the back of her neck. She was a little upset, but I flat out told her that I wasn't going to tolerate her grabbing me like that. She calmed down, and approached me about three more times that night. Had I just grabbed the back of her neck for no reason, then I would have came off as an immature dick, and she never would have talked to me again.

And in a final example, a girl asked me if I thought she was pretty without her make-up on. I told her "You're OK, I guess". This same girl begs for my attention every time we cross paths. Had I just been a dick and said something along the lines of "You're not hot" or "You need make-up" without first being provoked to do so, then I would have came off as a rude dick.

I know that in most situations, you should be non-reactive, however, when it comes to knocking mature women down a notch, it should only come in a reactive form. This way, it is justified, and she knows that it is. It basically let's her know that you are not a guy to be walked all over, and that you will not give her special privileges just because she is a pretty girl. In other words, it's just a form of putting her in her place, and letting her know that she will respect you.

Think of "negging" as you would a missile, if you go lobbing them around for no apparent reason, then everyone will see you as a dick and want nothing to do with you. However, if you come under attack first, then it is your responsibility to use it and let them know who is in charge.